As we build our prototypes of our taution powered ballista I feel very grateful for my multi-thousand RPM electric drill driver and my ionized screws and bolts. I do feel very sympathetic for the early engineers who pioneered technology with a dodgy hammer, some nails and a lot of timber. Our taution powered ballista was used in the 8th century BCE, it was used by many empires to grow their territory such as:

- Kingdom of Judah

- The Romans

- The Greeks

- and more

There were many tools used by these engineers to build these machines such as hammers, saws etc that I am still using to make my prototype.  The wood would have been collected by chopping down trees and then slicing it into smaller usable planks. Every nail would have had to be hand moulded into its shape. Here are three links we used to research our ballista.


to build a ballista


To sum up I am very very sympathetic the those early engineers the battled through many great technological millstones.