Hands on History – Blog post 2:


The Mangonel was believed to have been originated by the Romans in 400BC. The word ‘Mangonel’ is received from the Latin word ‘Manganon’, which literally means ‘an engine of war’. But the Mangonel wasn’t just used by the Romans. In fact, the Mangonel was brought to Europe during the Medieval period, and was mostly used by the French. In 1216, the Mangonel was also introduced to the English during the Siege of Dover. Which was a civil war during the First Baron’s War between the French and English.

The Romans who invented the Mangonel were a very smart and intelligent society. There engineers have learnt all about the torsion of the rope that was used to swing the arm of the catapult.

As for the tools that were used, they were like the tools that we use today, but they weren’t electrical obviously. They had nails and screws (Which were both wooden and steel), hammers and saws. The wood would have been gathered by cutting down trees with an axe, and steel would have been mined using a pickaxe and refined in a furnace, to be smelted down to the item that was required.