HOH Blog Post 3 


The English first used our siege engine, the Mangonel, in the year 1216, in the Siege of Dover. But otherwise known as the battle of Sandwich and often had the nick name ‘The Great Siege’. The two nations who were opposing one another in this siege were the English, who were loyal to King John and were led by Hubert De Burgh. The other side were the French, who were led by Prince Louis ‘The Lion’.

Tension rose between King John and the rebellious Barons which eventually lead to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. Because of this, the King hit back hard against the rebels. And by 1216 the Barons were losing the war. But then the French army came in May 1216 they started wining again. King John retreated and the villagers welcomed Prince Louis, and later proclaimed him King. But there was still a Castle defiant against Prince Louis, Dover Castle. This siege was part of the First Barons War.

The Mangonel was used by both sides, the English rebels and the French army and it was also used by the English Defenders. The French and English rebels used the Mangonel to attempt the break down the walls surrounding Castle Dover. But the English defenders used them on top of the walls to fire down upon the attacking force. But where the weapon made the most impact was on the attacking side.