Hands on History: Blog Post 2


The Siege weapon my group has chosen to build is the Ballista which was originally built by the Greeks but adapted by the romans.

The romans originally used Aleppo Pine which is one of the strongest types of wood found in Italy, they also used Lead and Iron which was used for Bolts and in the trigger mechanism.

The tools the romans used to build and gather resources for their war machines were axes, saws, chisels, hammers, Hand Drill, rope, files and nails.

Challenges the builders would have faced was the high chance of getting injured or killed due to the tools being somewhat unreliable and the fact there was few or no safety equipment. Another challenge builders would have faced was bending the bow arms to make them flexible and less likely to break under the built-up tension. To make the wood flexible the romans would have had to steam the wood which made the wood soft. They then would have had to bend the wood and keep it like that for several hours.