Opposing sides:

The Kingdom of England VS The Kingdom of Scotland. Under the rule of King Edward the first and Sir William Oliphant respectivley. 

Date/Location of Battle:

The battle occured in 1304 at Stirling castle in Stirling Scotland, Until around 1307 in which King Edward died, however his forces winning the seige and continued to hold rule of the castle for the rest of the first scottish war of independence. 

How and Why the Weapon was Used:

The trebuchet used in the seige of the stirling castle was called the Warwolf, which is believed to be the largest trebuchet ever made, used by the English as they were atempting to gain the castle from the Scottish. 

Effectiveness of the Seige Weapon

There is not much knowledge about how the seige weapon was used, the Warwolf was being assembled during the seige and it is said that before even being completed, the scottish were so imtimidated by the size and power of such a weapon that they pleaded king Edwards for mercy, however instead Edwards sent a messenger who explained that he would not grant them this mercy they so desired. He instead carried on with the siege and build the Warwolf which during the battle was said to hurdle around 136 kg's, leveling an entire wall of the castle.