My groups war engine is a torsion catapult also known as a Mangonel which was invented in the year 400BC, and was used by the Romans. The romans used a torsion catapult in times of war.

In these medieval ages there were many missiles that were used for the torsion catapult e.g. Stones, Fire, sharp wood poles, body parts, Dung and dead animals.

A Mangonel can launch a long distance of 1,300 feet.

The string that was used was made out of human hair or animal sinew. The reason why this engine was build was because the other catapults at the time were mainly heavy such as the ballista so the Romans decided to create a lighter more efficient catapult, which was the torsion catapult. This catapult still wasn't very light and easy to maneuver, but compared to other catapults it’s much more efficient. A notable historical battle where the Mangonel was used is ‘the siege of dover’. This siege took place in Dover, England. This siege was the first time that the English used a Mangonel. This battle consisted of two nations fighting against each other, the French and English. The Mangonel was used to break enemy walls down and then demolish all behind it. This battle was actually involved in the American civil war. Mangonel were one of the most efficient war engines and was used commonly throughout all of Europe.