The trebuchet is a siege engine that uses a large swimming arm to fire a projectile at a target or enemy. The trebuchet is an ancient war weapon that dates back to 300bc but it was extensively used by the french after they had seen how to use and build the weapon.  The technology used back them was hard to use on may weapons but because the trebuchet was simple and did not need any caution it was very easy to make meaning that many could be made in a short period 

There were many types of tools and machines that were used and invented when the trebuchet was a crane this was widely used to build buildings and some say it was used to build large castles 

They got the materials by mining and cutting down trees so that then they could put all of there weapons and tools together.

the way they made the trebuchet was much like my group has made theres as they didn’t use tape they used screws and bolts meaning that it would last years and it would be very durable