Welcome to the Blog for Hands On History 2017, a Stage 5 Elective History course at Newington College. We will use this blog to reflect upon and publicise what we do in class.

Details about coursework, assessment, etc is available through Canvas. Students, please go there for all the important information.

This course has two basic parts:

In the first half of the year in Games Across the Ages we will learn about the history of games and leisure activities. We will do this by researching and playing games from different past societies. We'll use this blog to show what games we played, explain how we investigated and recreated them, and reflect on what we all learned.

In the second half of the year in War Engines we will learn about medieval siegecraft and make our own siege weapons. We'll use this blog to report on our progress and show what we come up with. 

Obviously normal cybersafety rules and guidelines apply. 

Happy Blogging