Yesterday we played two versions of knuclebones. The male version and childrens version. The male version consisted of throwing four dice in the air and catch them on the back of your hand. Then you would throw those dice up and pick the ones off the ground and catch it again. It really was harder than it sounds. The childrens one consisted of throwing dice into an hole (we used a shoe) and getting your score.

We decided to play both versions of the game because playing the male version on its own for 50 mins would get tyring and boring. A tip to future groups is to play it yourselvs and see if you could play it for 50 mins. Our presantation and video was not very good. We ended up making two videos one the night before. The video was very short and did not cover all the rules. the presentation was better than the video but we all found ourselves reading word for word off the slides. I think for next time have photos or digital media on the board and we explan our points throgh a seprate script. A great recource we found was an actual three dimensional model of an ancient Knuckle bone from a meuseum website that had scanned it onto the web. We did have a disadvantage being the first cab of the rank to go but no excuses we were not properly prepared.

Group members: Oliver Gill, Jake Williams, James Pickering, Alec Willington.

Written By Alec