By Humzah Yassine and Oscar Bradley

Ruben Meerman came to Newington on the 2nd of may, to share his fascination and knowledge of Science and Physics. His past is something that may surprise you as he has appeared regularly on shows like ABC3, WB Kids, Rollercoaster and Playschool which all combined would have attracted millions of viewers. His specific role didn’t include a programme on each of the channels but he often featured in between shows to provide entertainment to younger kids. He first appeared on mainstream television in 1994 where he worked with charged ions and his main focus was to share his knowledge in a fun and engaging way for young viewers.

The show kicked off will a general introduction of Ruben Meerman and what he has accomplished in his time as a physicist. He then move on to introducing us with what physicist call the most important thing founded by a them and that of which is what is called a laser. He further explained what a laser is and how it works as well as why is it so successful. Furthermore, he advised Year 9 about many risk factors with laser and explored an example of what happen to a teenagers vision. He extended the knowledge of the Year 9 boys, by going through an experiment with a laser. He then continued on by teaching, the boys a little bit about liquid nitrogen. He further did an experiment with liquid nitrogen on many different variables. After that Ruben equipped the students with an explanation on what was happening and why it was happening. Afterwards, Ruben amazed the audience with a couple of special experiments which shook the crowd.     

One thing that Ruban taught the students of Year 9 was the different classes of light and how they may affect you. He demonstrated that class one lights are lamps or lights on the walls which may hurt your eyes if you stare at it for too long. He then talked about class two lights which is like the sun in the way that you have enough time to blink before you lose or severely damage your eyesight. He finally talked about the most dangerous class of light is class 3. If you stare at a class 3 light directly you will instantly lose your eyesight before you had the chance to blink because of the damage is caused to your retina.    

ng to his audience of teenagers as it consisted of elements such as laughter and jokes with the knowledge still being passed on or learnt. Newington college as well as the teachers are incredibly thankful for this knowledgeable guy by the name of Ruben Meerman, for visits us, and we hope for him to visit soon, in the nearby future.