Today most of the school experienced the Bad Science Show. In this show Nicholas J. Johnson discusses relevant science topics in an engaging manner that helps younger audiences become interested in science that would otherwise be boring and go straight over their heads. At some points through the show It felt less of a magic show and more of a science show. Despite this one part of his show stuck out to us in particular. This was the Placebo effect.


What is the Placebo effect? The Placebo effect is one where your brain plays tricks on your brain to make you believe that what you’re doing is good even though it may be doing nothing. This is done because if your brain believes in something so much when you do it will release dopamine and sometime natural painkiller which can trick your brain into thinking the thing you’re doing works even further. Despite this science sounding quite boring on just by reading it off the bat the way it was framed made it so much more entertain which lead it to sticking with me over a longer period of time. He found ways to relate hammering a nail into his head and relate it back to the topic. The students attending this enjoyed it and were engaged by his metering tactics he had to vote. However, I believe that more time could have been put to discussing science and less on unrelated stuff.

In general, I found this show amazing and a great way to discuss scientific topic in a student friendly way. I think these types of shows should be shown in more schools around the world to not only entertain but to activate interests in kids that they may not have known they had before.

Denzel Scott, Ben Clark