By Sebastian Vardavas, Jack Haydon and Nicholas Serone

A group of young eager men apart of the year 11 timber course assembled in R7 on the bottom floor of the library to hear the innovative ideas of Stephen Dadd, who is the Executive Director of the Forest & Wood Products Australia. In an enthralling one hour lecture he managed to convince the entire attendance that timber is a far superior alternative to the current main stream materials used for infrastructure.

The preposition he made was that timber should predominate the construction industry. He reinforced his idea by presenting a time-lapse showing the audience how quickly construction’s made from timber can be made in comparison to those made from cement, and how timber costs 20% less than buildings constructed from alternative materials. He also expressed because manual labour will no longer be required with the future mass production of robots who are capable of performing the creation of specific scaffolding in factories, new jobs will be created in the chemical and forestry industries.

Although at this current point in time the maximum height a building made from solely timber can reach is 25m high, which I’m sure won’t be the case for much longer. The reason being for the current height restrictions, is because many people in the infrastructure business are still hesitant to rely on timber, as cement has been the main source used for building throughout the 20th century. Mr Dadd stated “Steel dominated the 19th century, cement dominated the 20th century, now timber will dominate the 21st century”, portraying his strong belief in the idea that timber will prevail over its opposition in the infrastructure business and become the main source used for building.

Overall it was a very entertaining presentation captivating the attention from all present, his unconventional and contemporary ideas appear to be the next major movement in the man-made world. His passion and eloquence truly made the talk all the more enjoyable. It was a major privilege for the year 11 students to receive a presentation from Stephen Dadd as his ingenious ideas put forward today without a doubt motivated the boys to strive for a similar level of expertise and creativity in their respective fields.