The bad science show was presented to all of year 10 by Nicholas Johnson, a magician referred to as the ‘honest conman’. With various injections of humour throughout his presentation, the quirks of his character evoked laughter amongst the crowd on multiple occasions. The presentation began with him speaking about bad science or as he called, “B.S”. Presenting to us he explored, with experimentation, examples of good or bad science. For example, to the disgust and amazement of the crowd he hammered a nail into his head through his nasal canal, simply to falsify a medicinal method and describe the placebo effect, something many would leave simply to insanity. He continued speaking of different errors amongst scientific theories with different examples ensued by experiments, much to the delight of all the year 10 boys. To conclude his experiments, the ‘honest conman’ again returned to the more dangerous methods by attempting to walk across broken glass barefoot. Yet again, to our amazement, he came out unscathed, placing his faith (or feet) in the hands of scientific evidence which he explained to us as, ‘due to the application of force and the surface area of the glass, the large amount of glass shards meant it was able to sustain his weight without puncturing his foot’. As a take home message to us, he said “Extraordinary claims required by extraordinary evidence” and thus, don’t listen to all the “B.S” that the media tells us.


Pictured: Isaac Selwood watching in awe and disgust as he assists in an experiment.

Written by Max Langford, Jack Haydon, Pop Maluach