Ruben Meerman spoke to the Year 9 boys during the third and fourth period on Wednesday the 2nd of May. He first spoke to them about lasers, the different lasers and the unknown potential dangers of them. He demonstrated the dangers with an experiment involving a balloon and a grade 3 laser. He placed the balloon in a bowl and turned the laser on with the two steps as a safety precaution. He then continued to pop the balloon immediately after he turned the laser on. After this experiment he told a story of when a boy blinded himself with a grade 3 laser, the thing was that he did not realise that he had blinded himself because the retina’s are not very sensitive, so the boy could not tell that he was ruining his vision. The students were then informed of the powers of liquid nitrogen, and did a few experiments with balloons and rubber ducks. One example of a fun experiment was when Ruben poured Nitrogen on a balloon, which made it look like the balloon deflated, then re inflated by taking away from the Nitrogen. The balloon will change size depending on the temperature.

The  enjoyed this with heaps of applause at the end of the talk.students enjoyed this demonstration clearly with their coninuous