In the pickling and preserving presentation today the boys were talked to by Mandy Dobbins from the Cornersmith Restaurant, Cafe and Cooking School. Before the lesson she highlighted the importance of the restaurant using non-supermarket produce and encouraging others to plant their own produce to connect with their food. The lessons goal was to teach the boys in the Food Technology classes to preserve their food and buy products that are about to go to waste instead of them being wasted. The boy’s were also taught how to make the cornersmith tomato ketchup and pickles. Mandy went through the recipe and method. She went through how to preserve the food for long periods of time. When the tomato ketchup was cooking Mandy took us through the pickles and how vinegar is so important for preservation. During the making time for the pickles she handed the pickles which had been kept for 6 months around for taste testing and the reporters had a taste. One of the students described the pickles as, “Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, tangy and some spice.” Most people in the class agreed. Finally the sauce was ready and tastes tests happened. The reporters at the scene were given the chance to trial the tomato sauce at the end. It had quite a distinctive flavour on first taste, and had a spicy aftertaste that was the icing on the cake.