By Christopher Tsolakis, Oscar Bradley, Hamish Holton and Gabe Poidevin 

Today a young group of Year 8’s completed an activity where they they were to test their technology skills by making a mouse trap powered car. It was an engaging activity that made the Year 8’s (in groups of four) attempt to make the car that could travel the furthest with a qualification distance of 10 metres. They were eager to start as they all craved for the victory and reward of bragging rights.

Even before the groups received their materials, we could already hear them excitedly brainstorming about the project. One table began researching road cars, as well as other mouse trap cars, to see their shapes and sizes, trying to find an effective aerodynamic design. Meanwhile, another group in the floor above had already made a start on their project, and were collaborating in groups to start constructing their cars. In order for the cars to be fast enough, the boys would have to make levers pulling the wheels as short as possible. However, the wheel at the back would slide with the high speed so the boys had to find a way to stop this happening.

During the building, the boys had to match what they were building to what they actually sketched. Whilst constructing the motorized vehicles the boys were faced with many challenges. The construction of the cars tested the boys as they were learning new techniques to attach the parts. The boys have learnt many skills whilst building their cars and these will help them with technology in the future.


More tomorrow as the Year 8 students put their mousetrap cars to the test in a race!