By Christopher Tsolakis, Humzah Yassine and Oscar Bradley

Edited by Hamish Holton and Gabe Poidevin 

Today nine hundred students participated in one of Newingtons biggest STEAM experiments. One boy from each group lined up on the oval and got ready. There was anticipation in the air, wondering if it would actually work. All two hundred bottles went off, some with extremely large Diet Coke fountains but others hardly squirting. This event was Newington’s biggest ever science experiment and it was a success.

Thirty teachers combined to help fulfill the enjoyment of the Newington students from Year Seven to Ten. This experiment was to see what was the optimum amount of Mentos submerged in Diet Coca-Cola for the largest and tallest Coke fountain.

In period five, all nine hundred boys lined up on the Johnson Oval to get ready for the experiment. They received the brief and were shown an example then they were off. The boys had to construct a funnel to hold the Mentos using paper and one piece of tape. There were many different designs, from simple funnels to funnels with pins and holding plates. Then the test was on!

Despite the chaos of running the event and the many people to organise, the teachers who made the event possible made sure that it was very enjoyable for all the boys. This event made everyone learn a bit about physical and chemical reactions and about the amount of Coca-Cola Newington boys can drink to clean up. This event was the largest event in the 2018 STEM festival and was enjoyed by all.