By Humzah Yassine, Christopher Tsolakis and Oscar Bradley 

During an experiment of Coke and Mentos, Mentos started to disappear without a trace. Some Newington students complained about why they did not receive any type of Mentos. Teachers were perplexed, students were complaining, it was an absolute catastrophe. Newington College had bought enough Mentos for the 900 boys, but it apparently was not enough as some were assumed to have gone missing.IMG_1668.JPG

Some of the Newington students apparently saw some other boys taking a number of extra Mentos by vistings different teachers which handed out the tasteful lolly. There is not enough evidence to convict anybody of taking extras as the evidence is assumed by some students to be at the bottom of their stomachs.


All in all, most of the students got the chance to experience a very cool and interesting experiment, which turned out to be an awesome experience for the boys. This experiment gave the students an opportunity to gain some more knowledge and experience in this particular area and therefore more of these types of experiments are not wanted but needed.