During the talk, given to us by CEO of Jay-Em Aerospace, Jack Cullen in the OBLT, he educated and inspired us with ideas surrounding modern innovations involving drones, aerospace and the defence industry, specifically the use of unmanned systems. A key aspect of the presentation was surrounding the future within this industry, and the immense possibility for us students to find work within this area. Mr Cullen spoke specifically about the increased relevance and requirement for this type of machinery within Australia and how various government contracts have being created requesting the manufacturing of drones and the like within Australia.

When questioned about the requirement and future of humans within the flying and defence industries Mr Cullen replied “Yes, but the interaction between man and technology will be different.” Thus, he created the question within our minds, does the future lie within this path of technological development?

He then continued to speak about the topic of Aerospace, specifically the economics surrounding this. On many occasions, the sheer price of certain elements of the production chain in this industry left Year 10 boys gasping in disbelief. For example, one of the machines used to manufacture the blades on a drone was $110,000 and, for each rocket required to resupply the space station it costs $60 million. Somewhat impossible amount of money for us boys to comprehend. To conclude, he left us with the idea of how this technology is going to have an imminent impact upon the future and to consider pursuing a career in this path as their a lots of opportunities to be presented surrounding it.


Pictured: Boys look on as presenter Jack Cullen displays one of his drones

Written By Max Langford, Jack Haydon and Pop Maluach