Hamish Holton, Gabe Poidevin and Chris Tsolakis

On the second day, At the beginning of the lesson, we were shown a demo car which had large wheels at the back, small wheels at the front and arm to attach the string to the axil to make the car move forward. Because of some obstacles in day 1 construction continued. Because of this, and there was unfortunately no racing on the second day. In another class, sketching happened yesterday, meaning construction had just started. There would be no racing today unless there was a miracle…

In the third class, progress was going well but there was a small chance that their mouse trap cars would be hitting the road this period. The class in T8 was making the best progress as they had the mousetrap and the wooden frame together and were just starting to work on the axil.

By the end of the lesson the boys were pretty close to finishing their cars and they were looking very fast but the cars wouldn't be hitting the track today. Hopefully the boys will finish the construction of their cars soon and be able to race in the near future.