By Christopher Tsolakis and Humzah Yassine

Fire flowish between the year 7 as the problem solving begun. Year 7 running wild to win the chocolate Freddo frogs as well to get the bigger prize of a full sized 350g Chocolate block. The presentation kicked off  with an explanation of the rules and what the game is game. The game was a quite simple, but interesting game as children had to run, pick a mathematical equation and run back to there tables and answer it. If they answered it correctly they would get a stamp, which then these stamps get counted and whoever has the most stamps wins the competition. There two people in a team and only one question was allowed on their desk at a time.Then the timer when off and Year 7 exploded into action. It was very unique as how many times have you seen children running in to solve mathematical equations?

The game came to an end, where the boys relaxed for the first time in 25 minutes. The presentators then looked at all the stamps and elected a winner. The team or duo that won the competition are of two young men. Who worked to the best of their abilities. Their names are ‘Louis Rosenfeldt’ and his partner ‘Ryan Yip’. These two strived to the best of their ability to win the competition, which creates them, two young and hard working men.

In conclusion, the presentation as an absolute success, and was a great benefit for the boys to learn both to solve mathematical equations as well as to be not to slow or to rush it, but to just be in the middle. The boys really needed this sort of a competitions and we hope to see more of this amazing competitions again.