The last STEM festival program for the day, was the drones seminar with Jack Cullen. Jack
is the CEO of JAR Aerospace which is a company that is making and producing Drones for
the Defense force, Hospital use and other security matters. These drones are several
thousands of dollars with high extensive equipment for the defense force. Not only is he
working on the present, he is planning that within five years his technology will be used into
The drones are all different and are made for different kinds of weather. One drone is used
for water uses, where it can float on water and use cameras that go into the ocean and see
underwater. This will be handy for the defense force for scouting out the warzone, so people
don't die scouting themselves. This will help protect lives of soldiers.
The main drone that was showcased, can carry around 150 kg of weight. This making it
crucial for the defense force for flexibility on more transport in the warzone. Not only is it
used for military purposes, Jack wants the drone to carry organs and other utensils to
operations over a far distance.
Jack said that he has plans to link up with potentially with NASA or other space companies.
He wants to make this a priority where going into space is a reliable and cheaper option then
what we currently have with. These innovative ideas is what makes Jack a true innovator in
the 21st century.


Photo of Jack Cullen showing off his waterproof drone.

By Nick Serone and Sebastian Vardavas