Our school project of making the world a better place was driven by the unfairness of global poverty, and how many people in our world die of starvation, malnutrition, food poisoning and polluted air. We believe that we can make a difference to people’s lives through this project and pushing for it to make actual viable change to those poverty-stricken people.


In order to address the Group 4 project of “Making the world a better placed”, we decided to focus on third world countries. Through research we found that in third world countries such as Africa, there is a shortage of cooking utensils such as stoves, ovens, constant electricity, etc. Although, there is also a shortage in food as well, this is a problems that is too difficult for us to handle. Thus, we have taken on the role to create cooking utensils for these third world countries.

To makes these cooking utensils is we will be using recycled material that is commonly found in an average household and more so has application in for those in need. As, understandably, the average household on a global situation is different to that in our community. That’s where our Solar-Powered Oven comes in.

Solar Powered Oven:

The Solar-Powered Oven  will allow people in third world countries to eat heated food without the use of electricity or fuel. Using the sun as our renewable energy source as used so effectively through solar panels, it is a usually constant source and allows access to power that many people don’t have that is usually taken for granted. Our solar powered oven has a multitude of replacement materials that could produce the same results as our product, that families in poverty could use to make meals just a little nicer, hotter and cooked. Especially as it’s a renewable source of energy, a continuation and advancement of this could potentially decrease the pollution and use of coal and electricity

In our product, we used a cardboard box, newspaper (any paper is a suitable replacement), aluminum foil (any reflective material is good), a scissor (cutting implement), and cling film. These are all decently accessible materials and when put together with glue or cellotape, it is a simple design for the product.