Why/How it will help the world

Our group wanted to create something that was easy to make, reusable, and much needed in the world. When thinking about materials, we decided that recycled cardboard was not only in abundance in the world but very useful in making useful everyday objects, such as furniture. Our chair can be reproduced with our template for anyone with cardboard or materials similar to cardboard for example spare pieces of wood, all it takes is something to cut and something to stick. This design could be used in schools that have an abundance of leftover cardboard or wood, or those schools which cannot afford as many chairs as they have students. It is also a good team exercise that could be used by workplaces with the products being given away to those places that need chairs.


How to make it

The process in which we made the chair was fairly simple. First we designed the chair on the Corel program, ready for the pieces to be cut in the laser cutter. We then cut large pieces of cardboard into ten- 610mm by 910mm rectangles which are the dimensions of our laser cutter. These ten pieces will be cut into the shape of the side pieces of the chair which are the largest pieces of the chair. These eight pieces will then be glued together in fives, which finally create the side pieces. The back and base pieces are the same dimensions of 400mm by 500mm. We cut sixteen pieces all together from pieces of cardboard with the laser cutter and glued them together in pieces of eight. Once these 3 parts had been made, we slotted the back and base into the rectangles in the sides and the chair was complete.

The Original Design plans drawn on Corel


The chair overall was sturdy and able to support a person of a roughly 70kg mass.